Introducing Boxy? for LiveJournal! Boxy? is a brand new S2 style for LiveJournal that is trying to be everything that all other S2 styles aren't -- classy.

Note: Boxy? does a few things differently. For an overview of Boxy?-specific tweaks and features, view the Boxy? Best Practices.


  • Show or hide userpics in comments (new in 1.1!)
  • Customizable font faces, sizes, colours, backgrounds and borders.
  • Improved support for communities (new in 1.1!)
  • Customizable tag and calendar pages (coming in 1.2)
  • Improved support for embedded video (coming in 1.2)
  • Improved support for links, including CSS-based pop-out menu (coming in 1.2)

Known Issues

  • Some sidebar parts may not be visible on lower resolution displays.
  • Commenting interface unattractive due to poor coding on LiveJournal's part.
  • Rendering issues in older browsers (won't fix)
  • Usage of Boxy? may require a paid account (won't fix)

How to use Boxy?

  1. Visit the LiveJournal Your Styles page.
  2. Create a new style. You can call it whatever you want, but we recommend something like boxy?-radam or boxy?-your-lj-name. Click Create.
  3. For Layout, open the drop down menu and select Other....
  4. In the Layerid: text box that appears, enter layerid 8418518 and click Change. Then click Save Changes without changing any of the new drop down menus that appear.
  5. When the Your Styles page loads again, click the Use button next to the style you just created (such as boxy?-radam or boxy?-your-lj-name)
  6. Now the Boxy? style will be activated, and you will be able to customize it at the Blog Options page.

Last updated 3 June, 2008